La luce alla finestra

Format: Brossura, eBook
ISBN-13: 978-8809779990
16 gennaio 2013

Emilie de la Martinières è sempre stata in lotta con le sue origini aristocratiche, ma la morte di sua madre, una donna molto “charmante”, fredda e distante, ha risvegliato in lei un groviglio di sentimenti contrastanti e dolorosi. Unica erede del sontuoso castello nel Sud della Francia, Emilie scopre un vecchio taccuino di poesie che la mette sulle tracce della misteriosa e bellissima zia Sophia, la cui tragica storia d’amore ha segnato irrimediabilmente la sua famiglia. E mentre prende corpo la turbolenta vita di Sophia, anche il puzzle del passato di Emilie lentamente si compone. Grazie proprio all’antico castello e a un nuovo, misterioso amore.


A sweeping, engrossing work. Riley is talented, delighting in the small details of aristocratic luxury and the pastoral countryside . . . The heroines of [The Light Behind the Window] struggle to master circumstances seemingly beyond their control, a common thread in Riley’s work. A tale of family secrets, wartime espionage, and loyalties gained and gambled, The Lavender Garden will appeal to fans of historical fiction, Kate Morton, and Helen Bryan



A fast-paced, suspenseful story flitting between the present day and World War II . . . Riley expertly weaves Emilie’s story into a dual narrative . . . A real old-fashioned romance which manages to have a compelling narrative as well as something of a history lesson in the Special Operations Executive. Brilliant escapism



Two superb storylines for the price of one here. In 1998 Emilie de la Martinieres inherits her grand South of France childhood home. She begins to uncover the past and finds a tiny room hidden in the wine cellar. Why has it been sealed for 50 years? As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the part set in 1944. Constance Carruthers is sent to Paris as a spy, but loses her contact and falls in with an aristocratic family involved with the Resistance. Seriously, what could be more divine? Just sink in and wallow

Kate Saunders, Saga

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